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MensagemAssunto: DuelJewel   DuelJewel EmptyQua Jun 24, 2009 2:24 am

DuelJewel Dueljewel

DuelJewel DuelJewel-1

active (1997 - )

Line up:
Hayato(Vo), Shun(Gu), Yuya(Gu), Natsuki(Ba), VAL(Dr).

(Vo), Takashi(Gu), Psy(Ba), ka-non(Ba).


has been in the music industry for
ten years as of Spring 2007. Despite changes in their line-up, the band
has established a strong fanbase in both their home country and abroad.

A focal point to DuelJewel's music is it's diversity, from
their heart wrenching ballads to their hard rock tunes, every member
contributes to the band's overall sound to create at least one song
that everyone should love.


was conceived in January of 1997 by guitarist Shun, drummer VAL (known as Baru in Japan), bassist Psy,
and a vocalist whose name is unfortunately unknown. For unknown
reasons, the vocalist left in February. It was in the Summer months of
1997 that DuelJewel fell into good fortune by recruiting both a new vocalist, Hayato, and a secondary guitarist, Takashi.

Despite both Psy and Hayato leaving the band in July, DuelJewel carried on with the release of their first demo tape, Kaze ~The Winding Garden~, which was distributed for free in August.

In 1999, Ka-non was recruited as the band‘s new bassist. Regrettably, just as DuelJewel's luck seemed to have taken a turn for the better, Takashi
decided to leave in order to form another band. Even though this was a
turn in the wrong direction, their luck changed once again when Hayato returned to the group that same month. With the release of their second demo tape,
Tsuki to tawamure, in December, a session guitarist, Yuya, was recruited for help with upcoming work.

The year 2000 saw the band creating new material, Kuroi and Shiroi, both of which were distributed as demo tapes limited to 200 copies. In October, Yuya joined DuelJewel as a permanent member and the band’s last release of the year, Chinmoku,
was also distributed for free. The most notable event of the year for
this up and coming band however, came in December when they played
their very first one-man concert in Kaguraza.

January of 2001 saw the band participating at Musou and in May they
signed with the indie label Cyber Force. In response to the reception
they received at their first one-man concert back in December, DuelJewel
performed their second solo concert in July. After gaining some
recognition from the public, the band released their first full-length
album, Lapidary, in August. To coincide with the release of this album, DuelJewel
opted to partake in their first tour of Japan, and in November they
once again played at Musou. After a year of such success, it was
announced in December that Ka-non would be parting ways with the band.

In 2002 Natsuki, previously of Platina and hide and seek joined the band as Ka=non's
replacement. The year was moderately busy for the band, concentrating
on performing in Japan and making their first international performance
at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. It was thanks to this exposure abroad
that DuelJewel gained more popularity back home in Japan and
held more performances in and around Tokyo. Due to a year of heavy
promotion both abroad and in Japan, their only release of the year was
the mini-album Noah.

2003 saw DuelJewel performing at four U.S.A. conventions:
Katsucon, Anime Central, A-Kon and Anime Expo, helping them to gain
even more international recognition and a firmly grounded fanbase. As
for promotion back at home, the band saw themselves performing their
first full-length schedule, touring all over Japan. Following a year of
fierce performing, DuelJewel's first maxi-single was released in November, much to the fanbase’s pleasure.

On January 18, 2004, the band took part in the Coeur de Roi "R"vol.2 Fashion&Liveshow in which Hayato even modeled clothing. In the Spring, DuelJewel performed alongside other up and coming bands such as Eldorado and D.
On March 12th, the band performed at Crow Music presents "Over Grade"
at Kyoto VOX HALL. Only a month later they performed at MEGURO ROCK MAY KAN alongside THE DEAD POP STARS. The band also made their way across to the U.S.A. to perform at Fanime Con in the summer.

In 2005 DuelJewel focused their efforts primarily on Japan with their second maxi-single release, The Birth,
in February. With increasing coverage of the band in magazines such as
Shoxx, and performances with established indies bands like Phantasmagoria, ISABELLE, and D'espairsRay,
it was no wonder that the band's one-man performances in August and
September completely sold out. In September they signed with a new
management label, Zero Range Entertainment, which has taken an active
role in promoting the band across Japan.

The band released their second mini-album, Vision, in 2006 following Hayato's and VAL's
appearance at the MegaCon convention in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. in
February. Over the duration of the year, the band also released two new
maxi-singles, azure and aishuu melancholy.

As of 2007, DuelJewel took part in J-Rock Revolution Festival on the 25th of May in Los Angeles, California alongside Miyavi, Kagrra,, alice nine. and Vidoll. They will also be performing at OSAKA MUSE 20th Anniversary and AREA 10th Anniversary along with other popular rock artists.

DuelJewel, after their return to Japan, released their first single of 2007, es and have remained relatively quiet since. With the band releasing their first full-length album BULLET on Sword Records in December, we can only hope that they will continue to soar to new heights!


[album] [22.08.2001] DuelJewel - Lapidary
[album] [12.12.2007] DuelJewel - BULLET
[album] [26.11.2008] DuelJewel - Glassfia
[mini-album] [22.02.2006] DuelJewel - Visions
[mini-album] [25.09.2002] DuelJewel - Noah
[single] [01.11.2006] DuelJewel - Life On..., Aishuu Melancholy
[single] [11.07.2007] DuelJewel - es
[single] [01.10.2008] DuelJewel - against
[maxi-single] [01.11.2003] DuelJewel - Vermillion
[maxi-single] [21.02.2005] DuelJewel - The Birth
[maxi-single] [05.07.2006] DuelJewel - azure
[maxi-single] [11.06.2008] DuelJewel - Iolite


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Feminino Idade : 30
Localização : inai KOKORO...

DuelJewel Empty
MensagemAssunto: Re: DuelJewel   DuelJewel EmptyQua Jun 24, 2009 5:01 am

Como é que não havia aqui um topico sobre eles... adoro esta banda <3
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Feminino Idade : 30
Localização : Lisboa

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MensagemAssunto: Re: DuelJewel   DuelJewel EmptyQua Jun 24, 2009 5:08 am

(colokei exactamente a mm kestao em relaçao ao topico dos MM)

s calhar a maioria do ppl n os conhece, lol s23 pois nnc ouvi nng daki a falar deles, mas ja os conhecia a algum tempo

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Masculino Idade : 26
Localização : Seixal (Margem Sul ftw)

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MensagemAssunto: Re: DuelJewel   DuelJewel EmptyQua Jun 24, 2009 3:54 pm

Já conhecia

amo algumas músicas deles *o*
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Conteúdo patrocinado

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MensagemAssunto: Re: DuelJewel   DuelJewel Empty

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