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Feminino Idade : 30
Localização : inai KOKORO...

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active (2004 - )
Line up: Goshi (Bit el bedi)(Vo), Yuu (Joshua)(Gu), Hiroshi (Ooe Shundei)(Ba, Gu), Hisashi (HIY)(Dr).
Gone: Mst(Ba).


Suicide Ali was founded in June 2004, most probably somewhere around Osaka, by the two former Variable Messiah musicians Hiroshi (gt) and Goshi (vo). In March 2005 they released their first tracks as online downloads and two months later the official website went online. On their 1st birthday as a band, Hisashi (dr) joined and a second "online-only" single, CHAINSAW, was released.

In August of the same year, the band became almost complete, when former Majestic guitarist, Yuu, became part of Suicide Ali. Also the band had its first radio-interview with US-radio broadcaster, Tainted Reality, which helped them gain popularity among the fans outside of Japan; a second interview followed in October. A month later, the last member of the band joined, Mst (ba), and the band could start concentrating on their coming concerts. But this took more than a half year, so that the first live of Suicide Ali took place on July 14th, 2006 at the Osaka MUSE. On the same evening, they released their first official single, which seems to have been pressed only 77 times for the 1st press.

In the following months, the band played several concerts per month and released a second single in May 2007, which had a volume of 100 exemplars. The first overseas concerts were announced by German ASTAN magazine for summer of the same year, but was soon moved to Spring 2008. Nevertheless, Suicide Ali played their first oneman at the HOLIDAY OSAKA on August 27th, 2007.

[other] [xx.xx.2006] - Pre-debut online tarcks
[mini-album] [26.03.2008] - Sarau Fue to Yakusoku
[mini-album] [25.06.2008] - Uketsugareta yubiwa
[single] [xx.06.2005] - CHAINSAW
[single] [14.07.2006] - THIS NEW ORDER (first press)
[single] [29.06.2007] - doumyaku
[single] [26.05.2007] - seimeisen
[single] [09.07.2007] - sekidou
[single] [27.08.2007] - enzai
[single] [04.10.2007] - Representa
[single] [26.07.2008] - Road of the wing
[maxi-single] [05.11.2008] - tadashii mahou no tsukurikata


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Masculino Idade : 26
Localização : Seixal (Margem Sul ftw)

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Suicide Ali *o*

Amo a Ningen no Kaname
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Suicide Ali
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