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  • Junpei – lead vocals
  • Daisuke – guitar
  • Masamitsu – guitar
  • Kim - guitar
  • Yuta – bass guitar
  • Seiichiro – drums

Ex-member (left in 2005): Hideki - Keyboard, Vocals

ACID is a Japanese rock band originally created by Hideki after Siam Shade disbanded.
In the beginning, Hideki had a huge influence on ACID and they played a hard mix of new rock and emo
with heavy emphasis placed on his and Junpei's twin vocals. After he
left the band, their songs became less focused on vocals and turned a
bit more pop-ish, but still kept their "heavy" sound due to having three guitarists.
ACID formed in August 2003 through auditions held by Hideki. Their
live program was made up of both of Hideki's solo albums at the
beginning and, after one year of excessive touring through Japan, the
group went into studio at the end of 2004 to record their "own" first
album album. "ACID 1.5~Punk Drunker~" was released in March 2005.
With the end of Siam Shade, Hideki had finished a part of his life
and didn't want people to always compare his new band with the old one
when he was singing. That's why he drew back to the position behind the
keyboard at first and later on left ACID completely in June 2005 so
that the band were able to go their own way. Furthermore, he says that
this group is his pride and that he'd like to see them in Tokyo Dome
one day.
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