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Formed by Tenten and Yuma, both formerly of Hanamuke, KuRt is a band that creates contagious rock songs, self-described as a mix of visual kei and casual rock, and characterized by Tenten's raw, unique vocals.

Formed in November 2004, KuRt got its official start on December 31st with vocalist Tenten, guitarists Ryoki and Yuma, bassist Ranmaru, and drummer Kiaki, after several "secret" performances.

In January 2005 they organized a show at Takadanobaba AREA and their first release followed shortly after. This single, Oritamishiki Ojiichan, was limited to just 2000 copies and quickly sold out. Soon after, KuRt played yet another secret live, this time at Harajuku RUIDO. It was around this time that Ranmaru changed his name to Oto.

Their next single was a mail order only release titled Saraba BAMBI. Two months following the release, KuRt played their first one-man, 'Kihibikiiyako 3 Hiki ~Sendai Hen~'. Junketsu sengishiri metsuretsu, their first full-length CD, stayed at the top of BRAND X’s selling charts for weeks after its April 1st release.

KuRt started May off with another self-organized event at Takadanobaba AREA, followed by the band's participation at SPEED DISK shinranbanshou Tour 'o5, a tour organized by KuRt's record label, and a two-man with Fatima.

The band stayed busy throughout June, participating in several tours: one for Cannonball Vol. 2, three events arranged by visual kei music store LIKE AN EDISON, and the 8th anniversary event for Takadanobaba AREA. By mid-July KuRt had played two more one-man shows, both at Shibuya O-EAST. This also marked the pre-sale of their singles Akamono and Igamukuro. July and the following months saw the band playing many lives and participating in events organized by bands such as Vidoll and bis. October marked the release of their second DVD, movie in the past and in November they performed as a part of UNDERCODE PRODUCTIONS SPECIAL TOUR: NIHON SEIATSU TOUR 2005 before ending the year with another one-man at Shibuya O-EAST, during which Oto announced his decision to leave the band, and a final show at Takadanobaba AREA.

2006 started off a bit slower for KuRt. With a small string of performances from January to April and the release of NEIGHBORHOOD NUMBER, KuRt's "memorial album", on February 22nd. Also, in March, Saburou joined as the band's new bassist. The announcement of a new one-man tour came in June and soon after this came news of a six month release campaign titled THEE SPIDER EFFECT. The first of these singles went on sale in July, another one scheduled to follow each month until December. In September, KuRt performed two shows in Korea, their first lives outside of Japan. Returning home, their tour began that same month and ran until mid-October.

Sadly, on December 24th, Tenten announced that he was withdrawing from the band. The news came via his blog rather than during a live, and in February of 2007, not wanting to replace Tenten with another vocalist, KuRt played their last show. With Tenten choosing to not participate in the band's last live, the other four members played a vocal-less set for all of the fans who came to show their support.

As a final farewell, THEE SPIDER EFFECT was pressed as a compilation CD containing all six of the singles released for the series. It was limited to only 2000 copies and also included a DVD featuring three new PVs.

Since the disbandment, Yuma and Kiaki have participated in session bands with artists such as Kanoma [ex-Fatima], Shino [ex-Scissor], and Takehito [Ayabie].

Tenten has also taken part in a session event, and formed Benii, a project described as both a solo venture and session band in which he is in charge of everything from lyrics and music to arrangements and visuals, in August 2007. The band played a handful of shows and stopped activities in December. Tenten's new project is called MY BactEriA Heat iSland, though no other information is currently available.


Tenten (vocal) (ex. Hanamuke)
Ryoki (guitarrista solo) (ex. Cradle Marry, Visage)
Yuma (guitarra base) (ex. Hanamuke )
Ranmaru (baixo) (ex. Misora)
Kiaki (bateria) (ex. Misora).


[2005.02.xx] - SARABA BAMBI
[2005.07.19] - AKAI GEKIJOU
[2005.07.25] - AKASHIYA
[2005.07.25] - HIZUMU KURO
[2005.11.09] - sweet LEMON BROKER
[2006.07.31] - SILVER THORN SPIDER
[2006.08.31] - TREE SPIDER
[2006.10.31] - AKA SAE HANA KUMO
[2006.11.30] - BLUED EATER
[2006.12.24] - PINK ZEBRISE BEAUTY
[2007.03.14] - THE SPIDER EFFECT

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