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A primeira banda do fantástico e bom Gackt Camui.

This band was set up by Gackt and You, who actually plays in the GacktJob, with the taking part of Ren, who’s an intimate friend of Gackt and former member of the GacktJob as well. The project of the Cains:Feel band goes back to the Kyoto period, probably when Gackt was 20 or a bit older; its name comes from Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve.


The encounter between Gackt and YOU was rather weird: Gackt was really astonished after seeing YOU’s performances by chance but he didn’t know anything about him. Gackt used to work as a sound technician (one of the many works he did during his life) in the same study where he practised in playing drums and one day he saw 3 guys waiting to play there. They had an hostile attitude so Gackt tried to get talking to lower the tension.
He asked one of the guys if he knew something about the concert where an unknown guitarist played so well and the guy’s answer simply was: “It was me”. Gackt couldn’t believe it bacause this guy was totally different from the guitarist he had seen! Gackt asked for evidences so YOU brought him to his home, made him see different pics and among them there were the ones of the famous concert..Gackt made his excuses for his scepticism and thought “Finally, here’s my guitarist!”


In the beginning the band was incompleted because they didn’t seem to find a vocalist; that’s why Gackt decided to propose himself as vocalist of the Cains:Feel. YOU wasn’t that persuaded and gave him 3 songs to sing in order to test his skill... After listening to the demo tape with Gackt doing the vocals, his reaction was: “Gackt, why the hell didn’t you start singing earlier?!?!”

Then they found a drummer among Gackt’s friends and the band was ready to start.

Unfortunately Gackt wasn’t satisfated with his voice which was too deep and low if compared to the songs in fashion at the he decided not to continue adapting his voice to that way of singing but to write different songs so that THEY would adapt to his voice, not the contrary.


The band released a demo with 3 songs.
Thanks to this demo Mana heard for the first time Gackt’s voice and he was really pleased...Well, you know what happened later ;)

Information taken from Gackt's biograpy _Jihaku_

The audio is obviously very affected by the fact that it's an early recording and it was on tape, but still, I found it amazingly good. demo tape download

There are no pv's of the band, only with Gackt footage...
I leave them here anyways, hope you enjoy.