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 陰陽座 (Onmyou-za)

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Masculino Idade : 28
Localização : Ílhavo, Aveiro

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MensagemAssunto: 陰陽座 (Onmyou-za)   陰陽座 (Onmyou-za) EmptySex Fev 11, 2011 7:28 pm

陰陽座 (Onmyou-za) Onmyouza

Formação actual:

  • Vocais: 黒猫 (Kuroneko)
  • Guitarra: 招鬼 (Maneki)
  • Guitarra: 狩姦 (Karukan)
  • Baixo/Vocais: 瞬火 (Matatabi)

Membros de Suporte:

  • Bateria: Atsushi Kawatsuka (斗羅 (Tora))

Citação :

陰陽座 (Onmyo-za) is a Japanese heavy metal band who released their first commercial album in 1999. They play quite orthodox style heavy metal music mixed with Japanese folk themes and pop music elements. Since their debut, they have appeared in traditional clothing characteristic of Japan’s Heian period.

Current Members: Matatabi (Bass & Vocals), Kuroneko (Vocals), Maneki & Karukan (Guitars) with Atsushi Kawatsuka (previously known as Tora 斗羅) as support drummer.

Their songs mainly deal with of oni, yokai, Japanese dragons, etc, but some songs have a more concrete theme and inspiration. For example, Onmyo-za has composed many “Ninpocho” (Tales of Ninja Magic) songs, which are a tribute to the Japanese author Futaro Yamada and his Ninpocho series. Koga Ninpocho was written for the anime “Basilisk,” whose story is from Futaro Yamada’s “Koga Ninpocho.” There are also some other songs inspired by Osamu Tezuka and Kyogoku Natsuhiko. The trilogy “Kumikyoku Yoshitsune” is based on the legend of Japanese ancient tragic hero Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Each of their stage names has double meaning with a sense of humor. Kuroneko(黒猫) literally means “black cat”, which symbolizes her personality, as well as being a nickname she used before starting Onmyo-za. Matatabi(瞬火) means flashing fire, but it can also be read as a silvervine/catnip (loved by cats). Maneki(招鬼) practically means “summoning oni,” but its reading reminds most Japanese people of maneki neko (beckoning cat). Karukan(狩姦) is not clear in its literal meaning, though Karu(狩) independently means “attacking” or “hunting” and Kan(姦) means evil or debauchery and so forth. However, Karukan when spoken sounds familiar to Japanese people as a brand name of cat food. When written Tora(斗羅) has little literal meaning, but its spoken pronounciation means tiger in Japanese. It is also a nod to the fact that he is a big fan of the Hanshin Tigers baseball team.

On 10th March 2009, Tora left Onmyo-za, he is now their support drummer instead. He joined the band originally as support with his birthname Atsushi Kawatsuka and now it is his choice to be credited once again with his real name, since Tora 斗羅 was only his name as a full member of the band.



  • Álbuns:

    • [1999.12.05] 鬼哭転生 (Kikoku Tenshou)
    • [2000.12.24] 百鬼繚乱 (Hyakki Ryouran)
    • [2002.01.10] 煌神羅刹 (Koujin Rasetsu)
    • [2002.07.14] 封印廻濫 (Fuuin Kairan)
    • [2003.01.22] 鳳翼麟瞳 (Hoyoku Rindo)
    • [2003.06.25] 赤熱演舞 (Sekinetsu Enbu)
    • [2004.03.03] 夢幻泡影 (Mugen Houyou)
    • [2005.06.22] 臥龍點睛 (Garyou Tensei)
    • [2006.02.08] 陰陽珠玉 (Inyou Shugyoku)
    • [2006.06.07] 陰陽雷舞 (Onmyou Raibu)
    • [2007.07.25] 魔王戴天 (Maou Taiten)
    • [2008.09.10] 魑魅魍魎 (Chimimouryou)
    • [2009.09.09] 金剛九尾 (Kougou Kyuubi)
    • [2010.12.22] 陰陽大全 (Inyou Taizen)

  • Singles:

    • [2000.08.19] 桜花ノ理 (Ouka No Kotowari)
    • [2001.12.16] 月に叢雲花に風 (Tsuki Ni Murakumo Hana Ni Kaze)
    • [2002.12.25] 妖花忍法帖 (Youka Ninpouchou)
    • [2003.06.04] 鳳翼天翔 (Hoyoku Tenshou)
    • [2003.10.01] 醒 (Mezame)
    • [2004.01.07] 睡 (Nemuri)
    • [2004.09.23] 組曲「義経」~悪忌判官 (Kumikyoku「Yoshitsune」~Akki Hogan)
    • [2004.10.27] 組曲「義経」~夢魔炎上 (Kumikyoku「Yoshitsune」~Muma Enjo)
    • [2004.11.26] 組曲「義経」~来世邂逅 (Kumikyoku「Yoshitsune」~Raise Kaiko)
    • [2005.04.27] 甲賀忍法帖 (Kouga Ninpouchou)
    • [2007.06.27] 黒衣の天女 (Kokui no Tennyo)
    • [2008.08.06] 紅葉 (Kureha)
    • [2009.01.21] 相剋 ⁄ 慟哭 (Soukoku Doukoku)
    • [2009.08.26] 蒼き独眼 (Aoki Dokugan)
    • [2011.02.09] 紺碧の双刃 (Konpeki no Sou Ha)

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陰陽座 (Onmyou-za)
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