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 La:Sadie's (visual kei)

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Feminino Idade : 30
Localização : Lissabonne

MensagemAssunto: La:Sadie's (visual kei)   Sex Jun 19, 2009 4:32 am


  • Vocals: Kyo
  • Guitar: Kaoru
  • Guitar: Die
  • Bass: Kisaki
  • Drums: Shinya
  • Guitar: Shio [1995 / 1996 - gone]

La:Sadie's was created in 1995 by Kyo who, along with all of the other members, has gone on to a very successful career in music.

This young, independent, visual kei band released many demos in their
year-and-a-half of existence, yet they never really had a strongly
defined style. Though, that's not to say that they didn't know what
they were doing. The band drew their influences from a number of
different sources, particularly the band Kuroyume and Kyo's admiration for the vocalist Kiyoharu.

In addition, each member brought his own style into the fray, and
together the five of them created a sound that was rare for that era
and even more rare, perhaps impossible, to find today.

The original idea of La:Sadie's came about from vocalist Kyo who had previously been a roadie for the bands Kuroyume and Albatross. After participating in a few bands around Kyoto, he decided to move to Osaka to see if his luck could change.

He was joined by his friend and drummer, Shinya (ex Siva and Ruby) and bassist Kisaki (ex LAYBIAL, SHEY≠DE, Stella Maria etc. as well as a support member of Ruby) and together with #4 and seine from Stella Maria, they created the unit Haijin Kurobara Zoku. This unit was more or less a copy band and they covered songs from D'erlanger, Luna Sea and of course Kuroyume.

After awhile, #4 and seine left and the three remaining members created a completely new band: La:Sadie's. They set out to find new musicians and, because they were band mates in SHEY≠DE, Kisaki recruited Shio to help them out. A short time later, they found another guitarist by the name of Die and he left his band,, to join them. Shio, however, decided to leave around the beginning of 1996 and was replaced by Kaoru (ex CHARM).

With a fully established lineup, La:Sadie's finally started releasing material. A very short while after Kaoru joined, the band released their first demo tape entitled Kakuu to Genjitsu... and it was limited to only 300 copies.

They participated in many events and mini tours and they would usually
distribute a demo for their dedicated fans. In all nine demos (though
some merely had different colored jackets with the same tracks) were
distributed throughout the year and occasionally, you can find them for
sale in various online sites. They participated in a small tour in
Nagano with a band called D+L and quickly became friends with them. Also, they released a single, objexxx, at their Nishikujou BRAND NEW oneman.

Just when things started looking up for the band, disagreements broke out between the members. Kisaki wanted more control over the band and supposedly, he wanted La:Sadie's
to stay indies while the other members wanted to go major. They
couldn't come to an agreement and he left in early 1997. Not letting
this stop them, the band called up Toshiya, the bassist of D+L (who had since joined GOSICK), and proposed that he join the band and Toshiya agreed.

At this point, Kaoru took over as leader and the band performed a few lives in Nagano under the name of DEATHMASK (perhaps a throwback to Kyo's love of Kuroyume?) and on February 2nd, they officially became the internationally known Dir en grey.


1996-10-27Norowareta Rakuen no Kage...
tapedemo tape
1996-08-10Juujika ni Sasageru Yume... (aka)十字架ニ捧ゲル夢… (赤)tapedemo tape
1996-08-10Juujika ni Sasageru Yume... (ao)十字架ニ捧ゲル夢… (青)tapedemo tape
1996-08-10Juujika ni Sasageru Yume... (midori)十字架ニ捧ゲル夢… (緑)tapedemo tape
1996-08-02DEAD ONE 2Shuunen Kinen
tapedemo tape
1996-08-00Seimei no Tsumi
tapedemo tape
1996-05-00Furan Yue ni...
tapedemo tape
1996-04-16Seimei no Tsumi...
tapedemo tape
1996-04-00Kaerazaru Kioku...
tapedemo tape
1996-01-14Kakuu to Genjitsu...
tapedemo tape
1996-00-00Nokosareta Kioku no Monogatari
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Feminino Idade : 30
Localização : Setubal, Portugal

MensagemAssunto: Re: La:Sadie's (visual kei)   Sex Jun 19, 2009 10:44 pm

Meu rico Kisaki no meio desses calamantrões xDD
Kidding querida, bom post, espero que haja mais posts sobre visual kei antigo!! 7s
Ganbatte ne Aiko-chan <3
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La:Sadie's (visual kei)
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