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 [PC - Puzzle] Isseki

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MensagemAssunto: [PC - Puzzle] Isseki   Sab Maio 30, 2009 7:33 am

ISSEKI is to say the least an interesting idea and one that can be
addictive without you ever noticing! The general principal of the game
is to pick up and then throw rocks at UFOs, Birds, Starfish or a few
other various beings. If you hit down all the beings within the
required time frame you move onto the next level in which you have more
to shoot down in a smaller time span, and so forth. I think the best
way to describe it would be Duck Hunt: Cave man edition. I would love
to fill in you with all the details about the studio which created the
game but after many hours searching I know as much as you! The title
literally translates to ‘To kill 2 birds with 1 stone’.

It’s extremely easy to control with the mouse moving your caveman
character and also your aim, and mouse button 1 to ‘fire a rock’. The
game itself is from Japan and it’s not translated to English, however
I’m 99% sure that won’t affect game play for anyone as in game text is
understandable. If you have 15 minutes to spare and fill like indulging
in some fantastic off the wall style abandonware, this is perfect for

Game Category: Puzzle

Developed By: Bakuretsu Koubou

Published By: Bakuretsu Koubou

Release Date: 1997
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[PC - Puzzle] Isseki
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