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 [DOS - Plataforma] Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja

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MensagemAssunto: [DOS - Plataforma] Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja   Sab Maio 30, 2009 6:53 am

Joe & Mac, also known as Caveman Ninja in North America, Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja in Europe, and Joe & Mac: Tatakae Genshijin (ジョーとマック 戦え原始人, Jō to Makku Tatakae Genshijin?, "Joe and Mac: Fighting Cavemen") in Japan, a 1991 platform game released for the arcades by Data East. It was later adapted for the Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Amiga and PC.


The game stars the green-haired Joe and the blue-haired Mac, cavemen
who battle though numerous prehistoric levels using, weapons such as boomerangs, bones, fire, flints, electricity, stone wheels, and clubs.
The objective of the game is simply rescuing a group of girls who were
kidnapped by a rival tribe of cavemen. The gameplay is somewhat similar
to Contra and has a Gauntlet-style
health system, where the player loses health over a period of time
apart from in boss battles. This health system is also not unlike that
of Sega's Wonder Boy. The game could be played in either single playertwo player
mode. In the two player mode, both characters could hurt each other.
The game was also notable for its cartoony graphics, humor, and sound
The original arcade version had the distinction of allowing the player to select between different routes (not unlike Taito's Darius)
at the end of a boss battle. Also, after defeating the final boss, the
players can choose between three exits, each one leading to a slightly
different ending sequence.



The Mega Drive/Genesis and DOS port are the most accurate to the arcade
version, with only slightly reduced graphical and aural detail. The
Super NES port features an overworld map in order to choose the levels
(unlike other versions all of them have to be played), which were
longer, plus some bonus stages (either in the levels or out in the
world map). Some of the weapons are missing and can no longer be
charged up. The final boss is also different and there is only one
ending. The NES and Game Boy versions are much downgraded versions of
the original arcade version, and lack the possibility of choosing


The game later got two SNES sequels, Congo's Caper (though this is only referred in the Japanese version) and Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics, as well an arcade sequel titled Joe & Mac Returns.

Data East Corporation, New World Computing, Inc., Elite Systems, Ltd.

Elite Systems, Ltd. (Europe), Data East (America & Japan)

Arcade, Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Amiga and DOS

Release date(s)

Platform game

Two player

cartridge, floppy disk

Input methods
gamepad, keyboard
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Localização : Vale Milhaços

MensagemAssunto: Re: [DOS - Plataforma] Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja   Seg Jun 01, 2009 5:57 pm

adoro este jogo xD
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[DOS - Plataforma] Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja
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