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 [DOS - Action] Sword of the Samurai

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Sword of the Samurai is an action and strategy computer game developed and published by MicroProse in 1989 for the DOS platform. It features a combination of role-playing and strategymini-games set in Feudal Japan. elements, with arcade
The player's goal in Sword of the Samurai is to rise from being a vassal of one of his clan's various hatamoto to becoming the shogun
of all Japan. The game begins by giving the player their choice of
name, clan, and family specialty. The player is initially put in
control of his original samurai,
but can later play as one of his descendants if the original samurai
retires or is killed. In the first two sections of the game, the player
seeks to become a daimyo
by currying favor with the current daimyo. The player competes with
three computer-controlled samurai who also seek to become the daimyo's
favorite. Each samurai has several properties, including land holdings,
army size, sword-fighting ability, and generalship. However, in keeping
with the Bushido theme of the game, honor has the greatest influence on how the samurai are ranked.

Despite the emphasis on the Bushido code, a wide array of sneaky
actions are possible. The player (and AI controlled characters) may
kidnap and rescue family members, dishonor other samurai, or even
assassinate a rival or the daimyo himself! Naturally, such sneaky
behavior carries serious risk. If caught, the samurai will lose much of
their honor, and might even be forced to commit seppuku, leaving the estate in the hands of his heir.

After becoming a daimyo,
the game shifts to a wargame format, with the goal of conquering enough
provinces to claim the title of Shogun. Whereas in the first and second
levels the player can gain honor by contributing in the daimyo's
battles, in the third level the emphasis is on choosing which opponents
to battle. The size of the player's army becomes more important to
success than honor or swordsmanship.

After winning the game, the player is given a final summary of the
future of his dynasty. Depending on the various aspects of the Shogun's
forces at the end of the game, such as number of men under his control
and the age of the Shogun and his heirs, the length of the dynasty
could range from hundreds of years (such as China's Han Dynasty) to a quick dissolution after the Shogun's death (such as China's Qin Dynasty.)




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Action / Strategy / RPG

Single player
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[DOS - Action] Sword of the Samurai
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