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 Deco Online

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MensagemAssunto: Deco Online   Seg Jan 19, 2009 1:43 pm

Olá gentes 8)

Está aqui a descrição:


DECO Online is a Free to Play/Free to Download MMORPG developed by Rocksoft and published in English by JOYMAX. DECO has no monthly subscription fees and instead the game features a Cash Item Shop. Cash Items aren't required to play DECO Online, however they do offer an improved gaming experience. Deco also publish in Indonesian Language by PlayOn Interactive.

DECO Online has two nations, Millena and Rain. Millena are a weapon based nation while Rain prefer to use magic. DECO has a unique combo system that can been seen in the likes of Seal Online, it uses C, Z and X to attack enemies rather than the usual MMORPG style point, click, wait, then kill.

[edit] Nations

Several of Millena's warriors taken from the Korean version of DECO OnlineDECO online consists of two nations, Millena and Rain, Millena is a nation that uses weapons such as swords and bows while Rain players use magic.

The Millena race reside in Millena Town and its surrounding areas, unlike Rain that consists of mountainous regions Millena is surrounded by vast jungles such as Twinible Forest, Forest of Destiny and the Plains of Memory.[1]

Millena players have the choice of becoming a Knight, Mercenary, Slayer or Sniper at level 30. Knights and Mercenaries both use Long Swords, while Slayers use Big Swords. Knights, Mercenaries and Slayers all use the combo system (C, Z, X) throughout the entire game, while Snipers do not. Snipers are the only job class in Millena that doesn't require the use of the combo system.[2]

However Snipers have a wider array of skills such as Poison Arrow and more AOE's than any other job class.

Several of Rain's warriors taken from the Korean version of DECO OnlineRain's players reside in the mountainous regions of Unicle,[3] the world that DECO Online is based in. Rain is comprised of magic users and don't make as much use of the combo system as Millena players do.

Most of Rain's job classes require partying with another player, such as Priests, Prominas and Psyches. The reasoning for this is because Priests have low attack, however they have the ability to heal other players and revive them without the use of potions and cash items, while Psyches have excellent defense and are great tankers however they have low attack.

At level 30 Rain Players have the choice of becoming a Holy Avenger, Priest, Prominas or Psyche. Holy Avengers and Priests use Staffs, while Prominas use books. Psyches are different and use Crystal Balls, however they attack with their fists and feet. They use the combo system like most Millena classes.[4]

[edit] Frontier Guardian
In most MMORPGs Pet and Pet Raising is a common feature but in Deco Online, a guild/frontier can also have a single Pet called the Frontier Guardian/Holy Creature. Unlike Pets the guardian only gives special buffs such as an increase of attack, defence or regeneration of HP or SP/MP.

The Frontier Guardian can only be summoned by the top 4 ranking officers of a frontier (Master and CMajors 1-3), while lower ranking members of the same frontier are in range of the Holy Creature, they too can benefit from its respective buff.

All members of a Frontier can feed their Frontier Guardian.

After P2P Pte. Ltd. decided to remove DECO Online from its lineup, another MMO game host called JOYMAX decided to pick up the game. The closed beta test began on April 29, 2008. Open beta test Opened on May 13, and is still currently underway.[5]

JOYMAX are best known for hosting the popular MMORPG Silkroad Online.

[edit] Hacking

Due to certain circumstances a select player created a hack allowing him to successfully 'powerlevel' his character to very high levels. This changed the balance of the entire game toward the 'Rain' nation.

The hack worked by changing the coding of the program to allow DECO Online into window mode, something which has made the hack rather popular as players have wanted a window mode for DECO Online. The player can then open a Trainer Program. The program allowed players to select several different skills at a Master level, but also it allowed players to use GM hide, use a 1 Hit KO AOE, and control other players.

On 26/10/07 P2P Pte. Ltd. decided to end the "How High Can You Go?" competition, with no winner because of several players who decided to hack their way to victory.

P2P Pte. Ltd. have commented on the hacking issue by saying:

Please note that players who has been involved in the mischief or hacks and has been using them to achieve abnormal leveling will be banned as well.


During JoyMax's hosting of Deco Online, the same hacker returned with similar hacks performed on the previous P2P hosted Deco Online and yet again tilted things in Rains favour. These hacks were produced by cracking the Deco Online Client and changing values, in the process creating a one hit kill AOE, GM Hide (a skill reserved only for GMs which allows them to become invisible) and a pot spam hack allowing himself to override the 15 second cool down on hp and sp pots.

This time around the hacks weren’t released to the public, although a cracked .EXE was released to select players by the hackers but only containing a pot spam, transport scroll spam and the ability to crash the server by simply typing the command “!die” into the chat window. All hacks have been patched and the hacker hasn’t returned. It is believed the Hacker sent JoyMax the hacks to allow them to patch it before he left the game.

JoyMax made no official comments on the situation and was dealt with quietly

O que eu acho:
OMG NUNCA ME VICIEI TANTO NUM RPG XD acreditem no que digo... Este MMORPG é perfeito... Tem um defeito em que eu odeio tanto -.- é ter tanta arvore.. tanta arvore que uma pessoa se confude por lá.. entao quando estou a seguir alguem... xD enfim... mas é bastante bom... Se começarem a jogar eu estou em Rain e chamo-me Darnya (so para variar [as minhas chars todas chama-se Darnya LOL xD])

Pode-se fazer o download aqui portanto nao preciso xDD

Espero que gostem n_n
[agora vou viciar eu muahah 8D ja sou lvl 30 finally uma trabalhira do caraças :s:s]
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Deco Online   Seg Jan 19, 2009 2:38 pm

vou dar uma vista de olhos atão...
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Feminino Idade : 26
Localização : Seixal

MensagemAssunto: Re: Deco Online   Seg Jan 19, 2009 6:58 pm


avisa-me quando a tua pessoa entrar (e se entrar)
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Deco Online
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